AGU Oktoberfest 2016- The Invite

Saturday September 24th  from 10AM – 10PM is All Grain Underground’s annual Oktoberfest!

We’re celebrating the end of summer and beginning of autumn in the best way possible, by drinking gallons and gallons of beer!

In anticipation of this event, our cabal of alchemists have been brewing all year to guarantee a wide variety of German beers in quantities sufficient to flood a small town. All we need is your mouth to pour it all in.

We will feature nine different German styles on draft.


This is an all day event lasting from 10AM to 10PM. You can show up for a little while or show up for the whole while. Don’t show up too late in case it’s anything like last year, where the crowd cleaned us out of beer and brats in record time.

Got friends? Good for you. Bring them.

Got kids? Whatever. Kids like beer. Bring them. We might have a bounce house to toss them into.  We’ll also have some home made soft drinks on hand.

Got a dog? Dogs like beer more than kids like beer, so that works too.

Got an angry husband or wife who sucks the joy out of your life? Leave them. Pack a small bag, come to Oktoberfest, and then hit the open road to live life free.

Got a musical instrument?  Bring that.  Drunk people love music.

We’re supplying beer, pretzels and brats. If you want to bring a side dish or some raw flesh to throw on the grill, we won’t turn either down.

Your only requirements are to bring something comfortable to sit on and something relatively safe to drink beer out of.

Where’s it at? Just ask your AGU brewer for the location.

Prosit! And we hope to see you there!